The Platinum Seal Warranty is an insurance policy designed to protect against structural defects in new Holiday Lodges for a period of up to 10 years from the date it was manufactured.

The cover provided by the Platinum Seal Warranty includes:

Defects Insurance: You will receive defects cover for the first 12 months of cover. This provides protection against defects to all elements of your Lodge and is provided by your manufacturer.

Structural Insurance: This makes up the main part of your warranty and covers against structural defect issues after the defect period expires for a further 12 months and is provided by your manufacturer.

Extended Structural Defects Insurance: A further 8 years cover provided by the insurer of the Platinum Seal Scheme for Structural Defects.

The warranty is provided to the purchaser free by the manufacturer as long as they are Platinum Seal registered manufacturers.

Yes, as long as you comply to the rules of the scheme, you can still benefit from Platinum Seal Cover.

It is possible to set you up as a Platinum Seal Park Operator enabling you register Lodges as part of the Platinum Seal Scheme, but it will require you to take the responsibilities of that of the manufacturer in the first two years of cover.

A structural warranty is not the same as standard home insurance which is typically made up of building and contents insurance. Buildings insurance provides cover for damage to the property including fixtures and fittings like the kitchen and bathrooms as a result of fire, flood, storm etc. Contents insurance provides cover for loss or damage to personal belongings such as your TV, sofas and other valuable items as a result of fire, theft, flood etc.

A structural warranty on the other hand will only protect you against major defects resulting in damage to the actual structure of the building not general wear and tear.

No, the manufacturer and the Platinum Seal Insurer will provide cover on any Lodges on any park, as long as the Lodges has been registered by the Manufacturer and you (or your Park Owner) has notified us of your occupation of the Lodges.

Just go to ‘Registering Homes’ section of the website and you can do this on-line. This must done within the first year of ownership, and if you do not want to incur late registration fees it must be done within 90 days or you’ll incur late registrations fees. If the home is not registered within the first year, the warranty will be issued in the name of the Park Operator, and a charge will be made for the re-issuing of documents when a purchaser is identified for the lodge, and replacement documents will be issued, once the transfer of ownership payment has been received.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the Lodge, who is normally the Park Owner/Operator, until such time as we are informed of the new owner of the lodge.

You can either make a claim using the online claim form on our website or by downloading a copy of the paper claim form and posting a completed copy back to us.

The process will vary slightly depending on what period of insurance your Lodges is currently under i.e. the defects insurance period or the structural insurance period. This is because different defects may be covered under the defects period which will be rectified by your manufacturer than the structural insurance period. Where only major defects resulting in damage to the structure of the Lodges will be covered.

Yes, there is a transfer fee of £50 applicable to the transfer as new documents will be issued to the new owner, however we will require evidence that the Lodges has had all necessary maintenance carried out when it was due to be carried out.

All terms and conditions of the warranty must be followed in order to keep the warranty valid. The warranty does not cover defects as a result of a lack or maintenance or wear and tear.

Yes, however your warranty will not cover the work which was carried out as part of the modification or any defect caused as a result of the modifications carried out.

No, the warranty only covers the Lodge itself, any defect to the base, skirt or paths are the responsibility of your Park Owner/Park Operator/Land owner.

The serial number in the unique number to your Lodge issued by your manufacturer. This can be found on a plaque secured to the outside of your Lodge, or it may be in your boiler cupboard or on the inside of your front or back door. It can also be found on your invoice or on your Lodge Occupational Agreement.

You will need to complete a claims form, provide photos of the defects to your Lodge, VAT receipts of all the maintenance carried out on your Lodge. At this stage we will not require an estimate as we need to ensure that you are covered for the defects you are claiming for.