You can apply for registration with the Platinum Seal Scheme whether you are manufacturing Residential or Leisure Park Homes. This scheme is specifically designed for units manufactured to BS3632, however we are also able to accommodate manufacturers of units which comply to EN1647.

Being a Platinum Seal registered manufacturer gives you access to the following:

  • 10-year Platinum Seal cover on new Residential and Leisure Park Homes to protect home buyers, and instilling them with added confidence in the quality of your homes.

If you wish to register with Platinum Seal, please complete an application form and return it, to the address stated on the form. We will acknowledge receipt of the form. Alternatively, you can apply online by clicking here.

We will then carry out a commercial assessment of your application before deciding if you can be offered conditions of registration.

Commercial Assessment

We will take up financial and other references for all applicants, and we may carry out company and/or personal searches via licensed credit reference agencies. If there are any adverse financial reports, your application may be rejected.
Please note that until you have received written confirmation that you are registered with Platinum Seal, you must not advertise yourself as being registered or promise cover to any party for any home. If you do so your application will be cancelled.

The Offer of Registration

Once the assessment process has been completed satisfactorily, we will make a formal offer of registration. This will be subject to conditions which may include:

  • Personal and/or company indemnities;
  • A bond or cash deposit;
  • A surcharge payment on home registrations;
  • A limit on the number of homes registered per year;
  • Minimum Annual Premium;
  • The level of cover being provided, and any exclusions which may exist;

We will notify you of the premium rating scale appropriate to your registration. This will determine the scale of fees you pay to register homes manufactured by you for Platinum Seal cover.

When You Have Accepted Conditions of Registration We Will Send You:

  • Confirmation of your registration;
  • Certificate of membership for you to display at your premises;
  • Access to the online registration system, so you can register all units manufactured by you therefore cutting out unnecessary paperwork;
  • Manufacturer Rules Book;
  • Platinum Seal Marketing material;

We will also update our Registered Platinum Seal Manufacturer Database.

Your Responsibilities When Registered

Once registered with the Platinum Seal scheme you will have certain obligations which are fully set out in the Rules. These form the basis of the contract between you and the insurer of the Platinum Seal Scheme. A copy of the rules can be provided upon receipt of your completed application form.
The Rules govern the behaviour and obligations of both parties; in particular they give the Insurer of the Platinum Seal scheme the right to expel any manufacturer, not only for shoddy workmanship, but also for failure to remedy defects and other significant breaches of the Rules.
While it is very important that you understand all the Rules the following are particularly important:

Registration of Homes

All homes that you manufacturer must be registered within 14 days of the end of the month they are manufactured.
Payment of the homes registered by you must be received by the insurer within 14 days of invoice.

Platinum Seal

Once registered with Platinum Seal you will be entitled to register your homes with the Platinum Seal Scheme and offer Platinum Seal cover to your customers. During the first two years of the cover you will be required to remedy defects which are due to a failure to build in accordance with Platinum Seal Standards. During years 3-10 of the cover, Platinum Seal provides insurance for damage caused by defects in specified parts of the home.
When you register a home with Platinum Seal the Park Operator will be sent a set of Platinum Seal documents for safe keeping until the unit is sold. Once the unit is sold the Park operator is required to complete the registration documents notifying the Insurer of the purchaser of the home. Upon receipt of these documents the purchaser will receive the Platinum Seal Warranty Agreement and Certificate Of Insurance.