It doesn’t cost a penny to request a quote, simply complete the attached application form and return the required documents to us. We’ll send you the quote.

Once you have completed and returned the information required we aim to send you a quote within 48 hours.

Your warranty premium will depend on a number of factors, including the number of units you manufacture, the type of units you manufacturer, the cover you require and your history/experience as a manufacturer. For a quote complete the application form.

The biggest difference is that Platinum Seal offers the additional peace of mind by being the only ‘insured’ 10 year manufacturer’s warranty within the park home industry, and therefore comes with all the benefits your customers expect from a properly insured, regulated and audited insurance scheme. In addition, Platinum Seal insured protection is available to more homes and more parks than any other scheme. It is not dictated by being on the right or wrong park. We also cover homes on own-land.

No. In fact, if you use our on-line registration for the park homes you manufacture, not only are there no forms for you to complete, it takes just a couple of minutes to register a home and we do the rest.

No. We are also able to provide a similar form of cover for units built to EN1647 although additional terms and conditions may apply.

Yes, as long as the cabin is built to either BS3632 although additional terms and conditions may apply. If the unit is built to EN1647 then we have a slightly different scheme.

Yes it does, as long as full terms and condition of the warranty is adhered to.

Absolutely. We appreciate that you need to understand any issue your client faces with their home, and we will inform you of any claim.

Absolutely not! The insurers and their administrators provide a confidential claims management service.

Each manufacturer is measured by their own claims performance and not that of other manufacturers. If another manufacturer experiences high claims, it is their premiums that will be affected accordingly, and they may not be able to continue with the scheme if this is excessive and does not improve. If you make few or even no claims, commercially the insurer would want to retain you as a client. If we were to increase your premiums significantly this may result in you going elsewhere.

There are three elements, which affect the premiums going forward, administration, claims, and inflation so let us briefly explain each one.

  • Administration: By opting for the online registration of park homes, this not only saves you time and effort, but also costs as there is no postage to pay. Park Home Assist Insurance Services (the Administrator) and the insurer do the rest.
  • Claims: The insurance cover is there for a purpose, for individuals to make bona fide claims. Just making a claim will not increase your premium, it is the number and cost of those claims which may do so.
  • Inflation & Compliance Costs: We like others would like to control inflation, however this is out of our control as well as the cost of compliance. Just like any other commodity, insurance and claims is affected by inflation and associated running costs, postage, compliance etc.

In summary, with the exception of inflation and compliance cost the rest is in your hands.

Although the insurance certificate is covering the structure of the unit not homeowner we do require the homeowners name and address for Data Protection Purposes.

All policies are underwritten by Assist Insurance Company Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.


The best thing is read the Application Form.

We will aim to provide you with a quote within 24-48 hrs.

You can vary your cover, this is your scheme, obviously there may well be a rating difference however.